Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Wyncentive?


A. Wyncentive is a membership programme designed by Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore At Zhongshan Park  and tailored to reward corporate travel bookers who make frequent room reservations with the hotel.


Q. How can I enrol to become a Wyncentive member?


A. To sign up, you may visit www.wyncentive.com  to fill up the online enrolment form or simply complete the enrolment form from your friendly account manager and return it to him/her. Please allow 5-7 working days for membership enrolments to be approved by our Wyncentive Team. Do ensure you have your employer's authorisation  to enrol as a Wyncentive member.


Q. What membership benefits do I enjoy as a Wyncentive member?


A. You will earn Wyncentive points from making room reservations in the hotel and these points can be used to redeem for attractive rewards on our website. Also, you are entitled to 10% discount off the total bill at  21 on Rajah at Days Hotel Singapore & Flavours at Zhongshan Park at Ramada Singapore. You will also receive exclusive invitation to members' events.


Q. What kind of rewards can I redeem from the program?


A. We have prepared a wide variety of rewards ranging from food & beverage, shopping vouchers to hotel room stays. Redemption starts with as low as 150 points.


Q. How do I earn Wyncentive points for room bookings?


A. You will earn a minimum of 10 Wyncentive points for every materialised room booking (Days City View) you made. Higher Wyncentive points will be awarded for bookings made for Ramada Singapore room categories. Do remember to quote your Wyncentive membership number for every booking in order to earn your Wyncentive points.


Q. How do I obtain more information about Wyncentive and its membership benefits?


A. You may visit www.wyncentive.com  and log in to the members' portal. You can also contact our Wyncentive Team at 6808 6805 for more details on the Wyncentive program and its membership privileges.


Q. What are the operating hours of your membership services?


A. Wyncentive is manned by our Wyncentive services team from 9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday) excluding public holidays. You may choose to send in any enquiries or requests on the membership programme to enquiries@wyncentive.com. If you are already a member, you may send in your enquiry or feedback through the Feedback Setup in the members' portal.


Q. How can I check the number of Wyncentive points in my account?


A. You may visit www.wyncentive.com  and log in to the members' portal. With your username and password, you can have access to your monthly account statement and points' summary, as well as to update your personal particulars and make redemption.


Q. How do I redeem my Wyncentive reward points?


A. You can visit www.wyncentive.com  Log in with your username and password and view our redemption catalogue by clicking on ‘Redeem my rewards'. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your redemption request to be processed.


Q. When do the Wyncentive points expire?


A. All Wyncentive points awarded have a validity of two years from the time that they are earned, taking the check-out date as its date of earning/awarding. Hence, Wyncentive points that are earned on 18 January 2013 will expire on 18 January 2015.


Q. Are the Wyncentive points transferrable?                  


A. Wyncentive membership & rewards are not transferable.