Terms & Conditions


Wyncentive is a membership programme by the Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore At Zhongshan Park to reward corporate travel arrangers who make frequent room reservations with the hotel.

The following Terms and Conditions are intended to protect members of Wyncentive. Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Services Team at (65) 6808 6805 or www.wyncentive.com


Membership Eligibility


Corporate non-professional travel planners, secretaries and personal assistants are eligible for membership. This program will not be eligible to companies carrying on the business of travel agents, professional conference organizers, destination management companies or others who earn commission are not eligible to participate in the Programme.

We provide two different channels for registration as a member:

·  Visit www.wyncentive.com to fill up the online enrolment form; or

· Complete the enrolment form from your Sales Account Manager and return it to him/her.

Please allow 5-7 working days before membership enrolments are approved by our Membership Services Team. Do ensure you have your employer's permission to enrol as a Wyncentive member.




· Earn points through room bookings at participating hotels. Double or even triple points may be earned during selected offer periods

· 10% dining discount at participating hotel Food & Beverage outlets

· Priority invitation to special events and activities hosted by our hotels and our partners

· Birthday treats


How Are Points Awarded


It's easy! Points are awarded for room bookings as well as for corporate meetings and events. The more bookings you make, the faster you will earn points towards enjoying a host of rewards.


Issuance of Points:


Room Types

Per room night

Days City View

Days Park View

Ramada City View

Ramada Park View

10 points

15 points

20 points

30 points


  1. It is the member’s responsibility to quote their Wyncentive membership number during reservations in order to earn Wyncentive points.

  2. Members may check their account balance and transaction activity at www.wyncentive.com, or call Wyncentive Membership Services to get an update.

  3. All rates qualifies for Wyncentive points except complimentary stays, barter and any other special rates decided by the hotel.

  4. All Wyncentive points awarded will have a validity of two years from the time that they are earned, taking the check out date as its date of earning/awarding.

  5. All Wyncentive membership and points are not transferable.


Points Redemption


  1. Redeem your reward points for hotel stays, food & beverage vouchers as well as shopping vouchers under Wyncentive rewards section at www.wyncentive.com. In addition to members’ user IDs and passwords, the Hotel reserves the right to seek other personal information for verification purposes.

  2. Minimum Wyncentive points levels apply to each award. Please refer to the awards chart for redemption requirements at www.wyncentive.com . Allow up to 4 weeks for processing and delivery of reward.

  3. Where delivery is required, reward will only be delivered to the address of the member claiming the award.

  4. Unused Wyncentive points will not be extended or returned for credit to the members’ accounts.


General Rules


  1. Your enrolment constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein.

  2. Whenever there is a change of personal particulars, it is the member’s sole responsibility to update Wyncentive in writing, or through the member portal.

  3. The Wyncentive Membership Services Team reserves the right to correct any member statements or Wyncentive points accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.

  4. The Hotel reserves the right to amend the rules, restrictions, programme benefits, and special offers without prior notice.

  5. Earning of Wyncentive points and redemption of awards are subject to applicable laws and regulations.

  6. The Hotel and /or Wyncentive are not responsible for requests and/or correspondence lost or delayed in the mail.

  7. The Hotel and/or Wyncentive reserves the right to adjust Wyncentive point values as and when necessary to reflect changing market conditions.

  8. The Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore At Zhongshan Park is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for changes or discontinuance of Partner service.

  9. Wyncentive is a programme operated by the Hotel. Our service provider will have access to members’ records.

  10. This programme is void where prohibited by law.

  11. All interpretations of this Programme Terms and Conditions shall be at the discretion of Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore At Zhongshan Park.